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Steve "Paleo" Custom Eating Plan w/personal consultation

Image of Steve "Paleo" Custom Eating Plan w/personal consultation


If you're here, we've probably already had communication and you know what this is. If not, here's the quick summary. This is a custom eating plan for YOU, based on YOUR lean body mass (which we will estimate), exercise habits, food likes/dislikes, and goals. It contains 8 meals - all precisely defined with amounts in ounces - and substitution charts which will help you to alter those meals for the purpose of variety. It follows Paleo principles but is portioned to optimize YOUR athletic performance. I developed this methodology for myself in the summer of '08 and it has since been the basis of my diet. It takes about a week to do and i'll send it in a PDF. It's easy, it's exact, and it works. INCLUDED in the price is consultation for the first 3 weeks. Send an e-mail to me once/week with issues/concerns/questions/successes and i will reply promptly to get you on track and make everything crystal clear..... I look forward to working with you.